Testimonials from commissions

All of my clients have been kind enough to provide me with a written testimonial regarding the quality of my work. 

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Poppy the PatterdaleRider On HorsebackMarco Simoncelli
Archangel Raphael with Tobias
HopeGandhiCommission of South Scarle Church
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Archangel Raphael with Tobias

This image is not for sale.

Archangel Raphael with Tobias

 We are having an Angel Festival in our church, all kinds of angels in so many different mediums. So I asked David, a very good friend, to paint me an Angel:Raphael with Tobias, fish & Dog. Absolutely brilliant result, truly amazing.

You’re a star David.

Florence Baldwin.

This is a watercolour and acrylic painting of an adaption of an unknown Lombard painters work (17th century). Entitled "The Archangel and Tobias". 

The original painting can be found in the right side of the chapel of Saint Raphael church in Milan Italy.