Testimonials from commissions

All of my clients have been kind enough to provide me with a written testimonial regarding the quality of my work. 

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Commission of Harvey
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Commission of Harvey

This image is not for sale.

Commission of Harvey

This a portrait of Harvey. he is drawn in graphite pencil.

The size of this original is 16ins x 12ins This drawing was a commission.

This is what the recipients had to say about the drawing.

Hi David and Linda,

Thank you so very much for the graphite drawing of Harvey the Miniature Schnauzer,  I give Mollie her sports bag with the picture on first and everyone thought it was a photograph that I had had printed. Then I gave Craig and Tracy the original, their faces were another picture! Once they had scrutinised the picture Tracy declared it was even better than the photographs (even though I had taken them for you!) The tears flowed and within 5 minutes she had already decided where it was going! It is now taking pride of place in the alcove adjacent to the main fireplace in the Lounge so that it is the first thing everyone sees when they walk into the room.

The picture captures Harvey to an absolute tee, even to the little curl in the end of his collar.

I am so very pleased I asked you to do this commission,  it is an absolute delight.

With very best wishes,

Love Carol