Testimonials from commissions

All of my clients have been kind enough to provide me with a written testimonial regarding the quality of my work. 

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Rider On Horseback
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Rider On Horseback

This image is not for sale.

Rider On Horseback

 Firstly where to start.

Despite being overwhelmed by this fabulous painting by David.

I like to think that I was lucky as a small child for my parents to buy me one hell of a present. She was bought as a youngster to bring on and be my life long friend, which she still is nearly 16 and a half years later.

The initial photograph was taken whilst out with the Readyfield Bloodhounds at Laxton, mid November 2012 by their photographer. I was totally took back by this photograph, and soon ordered myself a copy! However in my eyes this needed to be on a larger scale. It took barely no thought some time later that we knew of David a ‘fabulous artist’.  As the weeks went on I waited in anticipation that knowing on a larger scale my picture was going to be a unique piece  of art and out of this world by being very personal to me and setting others back with the quality and life like scale.

To now have this painting on my wall, to have the privilege to look at it every day makes my heart melt. After all animals are more like humans for one I will love forever.

As well as my painting Linda (David's wife) also printed a print  of my painting onto a cotton bag , which I’m able to show off at every opportunity.

I cannot thank David enough for bringing my picture to life and the overall quality is just ‘Outstanding’

One to cherish forever, again a huge thank you.


The photograph was take by   Emmelleff  you can find the link in useful links

This is a commission of a rider on horseback. It is painted in watercolour and acrylic, the size of the original is 22ins x 15ins